For both men and women, changes in our levels of sex hormones can affect how well we sleep. These differences also change with age. Understanding the connections between hormones and sleep may help improve your own sleep and well-being.

Hormones control many of the body’s processes, including growth, development, reproduction, responding to stress, metabolism and energy balance. Hormones are linked with sleep in a number of ways.

The relationship between hormones and the sleep-wake cycle in women is highly influenced by the menstrual cycle. Just before a woman’s period, hormonal changes, including the sudden drop in levels of progesterone, affect the body’s temperature control, which in turn can reduce the amount of 'REM' sleep.

A sleep log is a great way to document your sleep quality and see if that improves over time. Tracking your sleep is a lot more than just what time you went to bed and what time you woke up. If and when you feel tired or fatigued throughout the day it may be part of your hormonal cycle.

Start your hormonal cycle log

Start tracking your mood, hormonal symptoms, sleep, weight and medication consumption to see a pattern

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You can track your mood every day, in order to help identify patterns in how your mood varies. Get a full overview of your mood swings


Track your hormonal symptoms like Hot flash, Headache and Unrest. You may record as many symptoms as needed, and post to your symptom journal quickly


Tracking your sleep patterns may help you discover what's keeping you awake - or waking you - at night. Get an overview of your sleep enhancement progress


To track your menstrual cycle, you will be able to see how your hormonal balance affects your periods. This will help you if you want to improve your fertility


Keeping an eye on your weight is important as it might be a sign of hormonal imbalance. When your hormones fluctuate, so does your weight. Estrogen levels affect your weight, particularly around menopause.


The body regulates the hormone levels in the body and it can be influenced by factors such as medication consumption. Medication affects your hormonal balance in many ways, and might be usefull to keep track on.

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